July 2015 Magical Book Photo Challenge

As a reminder, the July 2015 Magoical Book Photo Challenge starts in Just a few days. Here it is. Click here to read the challenge rules before contacting me with any questions. And don’t forget to Share, Share, Share. I can’t wait to see the first photos on the 1st.
july 2015 magickal librarian challenge


The Magical Book Photo Challenge

Well Ladies and Gentleman,

The timeThe Magickal Librarian logo has come to reveal the rules and for the upcoming book photo challenge. First of all, thank you all who are about to participate. Please, if you haven’t already, do check out the rest of the site. Share your opinions on the books already reviewed or even better, submit a new book to review. This is a user-generated review blog and this book photo challenge is my way of increasing traffic.

Now for the rules,

1. Original photos only. We all want to see how creative you can get in filling the prompts.

2. One photo per prompt.

3. Use the hashtags #mbpc, #themagickallibrarian and #bookphotochallenge. This way I can find and share some of your photos and also so others can see what you’re up to as well. The last tag is to help get more people into the challenge. You can also use pingbacks from your wordpress sites if you want.

4. Photos must be posted on wordpress, instagram or tumblr. These are the only places I can check for them. Again, always use the tags listed above so that I can find your photos easily.

5. MAGICAL BOOKS ONLY!! That’s what makes this book photo challenge unique. And these types of books are the focus of this website. For a list of categories that this website says fall under the genre of “magical” please see the Categories menu in the sidebar to the right.

6. This month, and hopefully many to follow, I will post a list of daily prompts. You take photographs of any magical book(s) related to that prompt and share on one of the social media sites listed with the required tags.

7. How you fill the prompts is up to you as long as there is magical book related. Use your imagination. The prompts are somewhat vague so they are open to interpretation. There is no wrong answer. Feel free to ask questions when the challenge goes up. Like I said, most prompts are either obvious or up for interpretation so most should have no problem but I do use the “freebie” prompt which I borrowed from Books and Cupcakes. Freebie means you are free to do whatever you want as long as it is magical book related that day.

8. Please do not use someone else’s photos even if their license allows you to. The point of this challenge is to use your own, hopefully new, photography.

9. E-books are allowed so go crazy if you have a kindle, nook or otherwise. I’ve seen some amazing book photography of e-readers and e-books.

10. You can join the challenge at any time.

11. You can use anything you have to take your pictures. This is not about equipment, though if you want to make that your personal challenge feel free. I personally will be using my cell phone camera but if you have a DSLR or something even fancier that’s fine too.

12. If you have ideas for future challenge prompts, feel free to comment below or email me at themagickallibrarian@gmail.com. I would love some more even though I have a couple of months worth on standby.

13. You are allowed to share the challenge with others but please do not remove my name and logo from the image when you do so.

So that’s it for now. This list may evolve over time but that’s the basics of it. I’d like to once again thank all of you for your interest. I will be participating as well as sharing the challenge photos I find the most interesting here on the site. The July challenge will be up later today.

Happy Sunday.

Book Photo Challenge

In an effort to get some more active participation going here, I plan to host a book photo challenge (BPC). As an avid book lover and reader I have seen tons of BPC’s and even participated in a few. But it was only two days ago that I thought we could have a special themed BPC here at The Magickal Librarian. What do you followers think of a one-month magical/pagan BPC?

I’ve already got tons of ideas; more than a month’s worth to be honest so if this one works we can do it again. I’ve got to come up with more detailed rules but the basic concept would be to post a photo related to that day’s topic here on WordPress, on Tumblr or Instagram with special hashtags so that I can keep track of them and share. Obviously, all books should fall within the genres of books that we cover here at The Magickal Librarian only. That’s what would make this BPC special.

Let’s see a show of hands (likes or comments) for who thinks this is a good idea and would participate. I’ll be working on the details so we can start on July 1st. If only I had thought of this at least a week ago.

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place. – Benjamin Franklin

That is why this blog was created. And its also what I’m trying to create for this blog. A niche.

In the blogosphere and the internet at large there are many arguments (duh) about the written word when it comes to various pagan belief systems, occult and arcane practices. A lot of this boils down to the validity of any written works, if there are any. If not, things can get quite violent as hundreds of thousands of people who practice and/or all of the above seek to find a stable place for themselves and their beliefs and practices. Within all of this jockeying those just wanting to learn with an open mind and a discerning eye find it hard to find what they are looking for amongst the texts and authors held on high pedestals and those buried beneath the dirt; never mind even hearing about the many texts floating in between the two.

This blog was created as a place to help sort things out for ourselves. On the other hand, this blog has yet to find its place in the blogosphere. Who will be the other blogs I frequently interact with? How many reviewers will become regulars? What kind of special features and events will subscribers only be able to find here? How can we simultaneously help readers and authors connect in ways they never have before? That’s the place I am looking for.


The Classics

Part of my job in running this blog is connecting with others out their on the internet in general, and the blogging world in particular, to get others to add book reviews here. In doing that this past week, I came across a post from RoseReadsNovels. She did a book review about the piece of classic literature, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I decided to follow in her footsteps and finally read it as well since Friday the 13th seemed like the perfect date to do so. While doing so I wondered, why is this a classic? I also, before reading, realized I already knew the story and its outcome due to popular culture. Which somewhat answers the question of why this is a classic. Then, it was the first of its kind. Now, not so much.

That got me thinking what would be the classics in the pagan, occult and arcane spheres? Who are the forerunners? What books and authors do we all look back at, borrow from and build upon? That’s not an easy question since even the three categories I mentioned just now can be broken down further by their offshoots. And some of the original branches are so old we have no way of knowing because of their oral traditions. And still further many of these traditions have contested origins. But maybe a few classics lists would be good starting point. What do you all think?

Blogging 101: Introduce Myself

I signed up for the Daily Post’ Blogging University class called Blogging 101 in an effort to breath life back into this blog. I’ll get daily assignments about which I will post here all through the month of March. I am a bit behind but I plan to catch up by Sunday.

The Day 1 assignment is to introduce myself; who am I and why am I here? I am a thirty year old practicing witch. Currently, I am a member of a traditional witchcraft coven but I also have a background in Wicca and eclectic paganism. I also have many friends with various pagan and non-pagan religious backgrounds.

I creates this site several years ago as a sort of final project for my Wiccan classes. This project or paper often showed what each student wanted to focus on or specialize in. Me, I couldn’t pick just one area and I love reading books and researching to learn new things. This site was created this site as a way to do both of those things as well as meeting and sharing that knowledge with others. So I became a virtual or online librarian.

Unfortunately, I abandoned the site due to lack of resources (no internet and no working computer for awhile) and also shyness. For this site to run the way I planned I needed to jump into the internet community and make connections but at the time I was not ready for that. But I am back now with a better understanding of blogging and running a website, my phone, internet and computer are all ready and able to make this site the resource it was meant to be.