The Magical Book Photo Challenge

Well Ladies and Gentleman,

The timeThe Magickal Librarian logo has come to reveal the rules and for the upcoming book photo challenge. First of all, thank you all who are about to participate. Please, if you haven’t already, do check out the rest of the site. Share your opinions on the books already reviewed or even better, submit a new book to review. This is a user-generated review blog and this book photo challenge is my way of increasing traffic.

Now for the rules,

1. Original photos only. We all want to see how creative you can get in filling the prompts.

2. One photo per prompt.

3. Use the hashtags #mbpc, #themagickallibrarian and #bookphotochallenge. This way I can find and share some of your photos and also so others can see what you’re up to as well. The last tag is to help get more people into the challenge. You can also use pingbacks from your wordpress sites if you want.

4. Photos must be posted on wordpress, instagram or tumblr. These are the only places I can check for them. Again, always use the tags listed above so that I can find your photos easily.

5. MAGICAL BOOKS ONLY!! That’s what makes this book photo challenge unique. And these types of books are the focus of this website. For a list of categories that this website says fall under the genre of “magical” please see the Categories menu in the sidebar to the right.

6. This month, and hopefully many to follow, I will post a list of daily prompts. You take photographs of any magical book(s) related to that prompt and share on one of the social media sites listed with the required tags.

7. How you fill the prompts is up to you as long as there is magical book related. Use your imagination. The prompts are somewhat vague so they are open to interpretation. There is no wrong answer. Feel free to ask questions when the challenge goes up. Like I said, most prompts are either obvious or up for interpretation so most should have no problem but I do use the “freebie” prompt which I borrowed from Books and Cupcakes. FreebieĀ means you are free to do whatever you want as long as it is magical book related that day.

8. Please do not use someone else’s photos even if their license allows you to. The point of this challenge is to use your own, hopefully new, photography.

9. E-books are allowed so go crazy if you have a kindle, nook or otherwise. I’ve seen some amazing book photography of e-readers and e-books.

10. You can join the challenge at any time.

11. You can use anything you have to take your pictures. This is not about equipment, though if you want to make that your personal challenge feel free. I personally will be using my cell phone camera but if you have a DSLR or something even fancier that’s fine too.

12. If you have ideas for future challenge prompts, feel free to comment below or email me at I would love some more even though I have a couple of months worth on standby.

13. You are allowed to share the challenge with others but please do not remove my name and logo from the image when you do so.

So that’s it for now. This list may evolve over time but that’s the basics of it. I’d like to once again thank all of you for your interest. I will be participating as well as sharing the challenge photos I find the most interesting here on the site. The July challenge will be up later today.

Happy Sunday.


2 thoughts on “The Magical Book Photo Challenge

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