Book Photo Challenge

In an effort to get some more active participation going here, I plan to host a book photo challenge (BPC). As an avid book lover and reader I have seen tons of BPC’s and even participated in a few. But it was only two days ago that I thought we could have a special themed BPC here at The Magickal Librarian. What do you followers think of a one-month magical/pagan BPC?

I’ve already got tons of ideas; more than a month’s worth to be honest so if this one works we can do it again. I’ve got to come up with more detailed rules but the basic concept would be to post a photo related to that day’s topic here on WordPress, on Tumblr or Instagram with special hashtags so that I can keep track of them and share. Obviously, all books should fall within the genres of books that we cover here at The Magickal Librarian only. That’s what would make this BPC special.

Let’s see a show of hands (likes or comments) for who thinks this is a good idea and would participate. I’ll be working on the details so we can start on July 1st. If only I had thought of this at least a week ago.


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