Blogging 101: Introduce Myself

I signed up for the Daily Post’ Blogging University class called Blogging 101 in an effort to breath life back into this blog. I’ll get daily assignments about which I will post here all through the month of March. I am a bit behind but I plan to catch up by Sunday.

The Day 1 assignment is to introduce myself; who am I and why am I here? I am a thirty year old practicing witch. Currently, I am a member of a traditional witchcraft coven but I also have a background in Wicca and eclectic paganism. I also have many friends with various pagan and non-pagan religious backgrounds.

I creates this site several years ago as a sort of final project for my Wiccan classes. This project or paper often showed what each student wanted to focus on or specialize in. Me, I couldn’t pick just one area and I love reading books and researching to learn new things. This site was created this site as a way to do both of those things as well as meeting and sharing that knowledge with others. So I became a virtual or online librarian.

Unfortunately, I abandoned the site due to lack of resources (no internet and no working computer for awhile) and also shyness. For this site to run the way I planned I needed to jump into the internet community and make connections but at the time I was not ready for that. But I am back now with a better understanding of blogging and running a website, my phone, internet and computer are all ready and able to make this site the resource it was meant to be.


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