The Circle Within by: Dianne Sylvan

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Book Description The Circle Within is your guide to creating a personal spiritual practice for daily life. The first section is a thoughtful examination of Wiccan ethics and philosophy that explores how to truly live Wicca. The second section includes devotional prayers and rituals that provide inspiration for group or solitary practice. Topics in this Wicca book include: cultivating an ongoing personal relationship with deity, ethics and standards of behavior, concepts of sacred space, elements of a daily practice, tuning into the Wheel of the Year and the elements, and creating meaningful personal Pagan rituals. Move beyond the basics of Wicca and enter the sacred space of the circle within.

Book Review “The Circle Within is not a beginners book. It assumes you already know how to set up an altar and what a boline is. But its not an advanced book either. There are no esoteric terms or elaborate rituals. Its a small book full of suggestions on how to take your beginner’s knowledge of wicca and build on it. Since we do not have a church and a book of religious law there is no one way for everybody to bring deity and the basic principles of wicca into out daily lives. This book is exactly what is says it is how to build a personal spiritual practice. I like how the author gives you just enough to get your imagination rolling and then leaves it up to you to create the rest. I don’t know if this is making sense but I was looking for a way to say I am wiccan, not just because I’ve read books, know how to call the quarters and wear a pentacle, but because I actually practice being wiccan everyday and learning as I go on.” – New Moon )o(


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