The Enchanted Candle by: Lady Rhea with Eve LeFey

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Crafting and Casting Magickal Light

Book Description

Make Your Own Enchanted Candles and Make Your Dreams Come True!

For centuries, Pagan seekers of Love, fortune, health, healing, and protection have used candles as a virtual part of their rituals. That’s why Wiccan expert and practitioner Lady Rhea began creating enchanted candles over twenty years ago- each of them hand carved, encased in glass, and embellished with seals, oils, and other decorations.

Now, to show you how to create your very own enchanted candles at home, Lady Rhea has written a book based on her underground classic of the same name-designed to meet your specific needs and personalized by your won guiding spirit. Using the powers of fragrance, color, shape, exotic oils, and fire, these candles are the perfect vessels to send your spells and wishes out into the astral realm. Lady Rhea shows you:

  • The best colors and magical oils to sue to promote your spell
  • How to create your own personal alter or other sacred space
  • Why it’s crucial to be clear about why you want when casting a spell
  • How to work with astrology, without letting the planets rule you
  • Plus 50 illustrations of unique seals you can carve into your candles, each accompanied by its own spell and directions for how to make it work.
  • Paperback:240 pages
  • Publisher:Citadel (August 1, 2004)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0806525789
  • ISBN-13: 978-0806525785

Book Review

“Created in 1979, Enchanted Candle Magick by Lady Rhea has become the main system used by occult stores. It gives deity, oil, incense and color correspondence with sigils to carve and glitter onto 7 day pull out style candles. This book is created in a manner which the first chapter explains her method and the ‘why’ behind it as well as creating a basis on understanding for the practitioner to create their own Enchanted Spell Candles to suite their desires rather then leave them dependent on copying Lady Rhea’s candle spells without understanding the reason behind the magickal choices she made when designing her candle spells. If you can find it, the second printing has some additional information not previously published in the first edition.” –Willow Moon )o(

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3 thoughts on “The Enchanted Candle by: Lady Rhea with Eve LeFey

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  2. So why can’t I Purchase a copy of this book ?? It has been out of print for so long and the authors do not want a second edition. Why ? I would love to hear your opinion on this.

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